Communications Strategy. Sales Concepting. Sales Material Copy and Design. National Keynote Presentation. Annual Sales Conference Materials.

“Lots of agencies say they are innovative. The Alderman Group is. Lots of agencies promise creative ideas. The Alderman Group does. There are lots of agencies, but there is one Alderman Group. The Alderman Group is and does what it takes to move our business forward.”

– Jared Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing

Piedmont National is a family-owned leader in packaging services across the country. With a large, diverse customer base and an ever-changing marketplace, Piedmont must keep their salesmen armed with the very best materials.

The Alderman Group was tasked with taking Piedmont’s already strong brand to the next level. Our goal: To preserve everything that made the brand timeless, while adding a new voice that would invigorate Piedmont’s internal sales force and create excitement externally among customers.

From print advertising and sales collateral to all of their trade show materials, we worked hand in hand with Piedmont to create a brand voice that really communicated Piedmont’s message.