Content Strategy. Concepting. Collateral and Website Copy and Design. High-Impact Photography. Brand Identity. Collaterals. Direct Mail.

“When Lee University needed quality content for our web launch and recruitment strategy for our new Division of Adult Learning, we came to The Alderman Group. They bring a passion to their work, and know how to deliver the unique voice our organization needs to reach out to prospective students. It’s a great partnership.”

– Jayson VanHook, CIO

Lee University is consistently ranked as a top school by US News and World Report, and one of the top universities in the country by the Princeton Review. Students come from all over the world to attend this small, beautiful school nestled in foothills of Southeast Tennessee. All that attention means more potential students are taking a look at Lee. So when it came to diving into digital content and recruitment, the University reached out to The Alderman Group to make things happen.

The Alderman Group began with rewriting all of the content for the launch of the new Lee website. Meeting with every single department, capturing their goals, and making sure the details were all correct wasn’t easy, especially with an original site containing thousands of pages. But by the time we were done, the excess content had been pruned, and each department was represented and looking good.

Next, we tackled the launch of Lee University’s new Division of Adult Learning. From viewbooks to brochures and direct mailers, we worked hand in hand with the school to reach out and recruit new students for the program. With the program underway and thriving, the results speak for themselves.