Product Branding and Packaging. Logo Design. Website Concept and Copy. Video Scripting. Social Strategy and Campaigns. Social Media Collateral Design and Copy. Sales Strategy Consultation.

“The Alderman Group is, in a word, Amazing! So much talent and so much integrity.  Nowhere else can you find this magical combination of gifts and honesty like the Alderman Group has. We love working with them.”

– Jeff Selano, President/CEO

Bathroom fragrance is serious business, and when Bathroom Ninja came to The Alderman Group, the new toilet-deodorizing spray was in need of a branding overhaul and comprehensive online marketing strategy.

The Alderman Group developed Bathroom Ninja’s logo and packaging, and launched a new website—featuring a cheeky sales video—to promote and sell the product. An intensive social media campaign followed to build brand awareness and excitement. Then, direct big-box sales strategy was implemented in partnership with expert consultants.