Playing to Your Strengths

I am the “odd-man-out” in the graphic design world. I’m mostly self-taught, which is not entirely uncommon, but what really sets me apart is my unconventional processes.


Starting at age sixteen, I began working as a wedding photographer and quickly became acquainted with Photoshop. I learned the ins and outsof this editing software, and as I expanded my work to include graphic design, I was able to continue using Photoshop. Many designers use Illustrator or other software, but I’ve found great pleasure in using the system that—however unconventional in the graphic design world—actually plays to my strengths.


If there’s something you’re good at, I say you use it. Make it your own!


It’s great advice for graphic designers, and for everyone else too. Find what works for you, even if it’s nontraditional or unexpected, and use it to your advantage. Be you!


Zeke, Lead Graphic Designer