Dream Big. Work Small.

While the old adages “Fortune favors the bold” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day” have always rung true, each is useless without the other, providing an incomplete picture.


In a busy and competitive world, a dream cannot come to fruition unless heroic initiative and bulldog determination are melded in the hearts and minds of those who would succeed. Content cannot exist without concept, and the drawing board is useless without some elbow grease.


I’ve been inspired by another adage, this one from the president of Lee University, Dr. Paul Conn, who often reminds his faculty and students to “dream big, and work small.”


At The Alderman Group, we strive to provide broad and ambitious vision casting, while working to deliver surgical, efficient strategy for each of our clients. We know that teamwork is not a cliché, but the means for success. Through innovation and follow-through, we work hand-in-hand to shape and mold today’s ideas into tomorrow’s realities. Together, we dream big and work small to make dreams happen.


Forbes, Operations Strategist