Creating Unique Digital Voices

I’m asked to handle social media for clients that have what many would call a “unique” brand voice. My browser history must be one of the oddest on the planet, and not for any of the reasons most think!


I love it though, because I’ve learned so much—including the fact that deer antler juice not only exists, but people drink it! And if you ask me what the stinkiest plant on earth is, I now know the answer.


But it’s not just the quirky topics that are so much fun. I also love connecting with clients to develop their brand’s unique voice. I was able to bond with one client because of an offbeat sci-fi reference we both knew. These types of connections allow me to curate digital content that’s a true reflection of each one-of-a-kind brand voice.


Like me, each client has a unique voice. Crafting that digital voice is how I help our clients—no matter how unusual—engage with their online audiences.


Carie, Social Media Strategist